27th May

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Technicolour Multicultural Festival 25TH AUG

Technicolour Multicultural Festival

The Technicolor Multicultural Festival is returning for the 6th time!

Technicolour Multicultural Festival is a large festival held in Newmarket each year that brings together people from many communities, both cultural and geographic. It allows the communities to celebrate and showcase what makes them unique and serves as a point of expression for each. This expression is revealed in many ways, but particularly through live performances and food. It also serves as a point of contact between various communities and support services.

School Art Competition

Involving students in the School Art Competition on Multiculturalism is one way of giving the next generation an opportunity to understand and find out more about the diverse cultures in Brisbane.

Kids Activities

Young explorers will have plenty of activities to keep them entertained, including Face Painting, exciting Jumping Castles, a virtual backdrop Photo Booth, a friendly Petting Zoo and a lively Sideshow Alley with different games to win attractive prizes.

Gourmet Food

Food, glorious food! A large variety of gourmet street food representing different international cultures will be featured at the festival.

Live Performances

Our desire for the Technicolour Multicultural Festival is to provide beautiful and fun cultural entertainment for ALL. Our diverse acts will take you on a visual and musical journey!

Technicolour Multicultural Festival

23 Foster Street, Newmarket
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